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Home Builders in Charlotte, NC!

I absolutely love driving up and down residential areas and see construction of new houses. It is always a sign of economic growth of the area and for the construction company in charge of building the home. In Charlotte, North Carolina there are several builders creating beautiful houses that will eventually become home to the chosen families. I’m sure with the various designs from the creative mind of the builder as well as the homeowner, they will come up with something that will make everyone very pleased and happy, financially and geographically. 

One of the main benefits of having your home built from the ground up is to be able to be involved in the planning process. If you’re focused primarily on lifestyle, there are over 380 communities with a variety of amenities to choose from. For small families, there are floor plans available with square footage as low as 1000, which can go up to about 6500 for growing or larger families! According to what your budget is, you can find a home that is suitable for you and your family to grow and experience for lifetime to come. $80,000 is the starting point for most homes built from the ground up but it does not take away from what it takes to make it comfortable for you to live in. Feel free to read more about new construction homes in Charlotte, NC at

The Builders Building, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg historical landmark, was one of the first buildings erected in 1927. It was started in 1922 by leading architect M.R. “Steve” Marsh, whom over saw everything until 1964. He put a lot of integrity of design, workmanship and feeling into this building. It marked an important milestone in the history of the construction industry in Charlotte because it represented the first effort for architects and contractors to come together to create a builder’s exchange for the community, called a building trade. A figure of the community played a major role by becoming the financier for this building named Charles E. Lambeth. He served as mayor from 1931 to 1933 and everyone looked up to him. He wanted Charlotte to become a substantial place for people to live and believed construction businesses would help advance that goal.

My parents were in real estate while I was growing up, so I had an opportunity to see fresh homes being built from the ground-up very often. It always amazed me to experience the creativity of how everything gets started from the foundation slab placed to the shingles on the roof. There are several companies in Charlotte that have been building homes since the day of the city’s establishment until now. It has not lost its flavor on what it takes to beautify the city with a nice home, regardless of the floor plan, budget or amenities. From Cherry to Riverwalk, you can find new development of houses to choose from when you’re ready to make that move.