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The Most Common Garage Door Problems

Over time the garage door is going to malfunction, and the homeowner is going to become concerned. Often, the malfunction is something that is easily solved by the homeowner without professional help. However, there are quite a few garage door repair DFW calls to a company that really require the services of a professional. Therefore, it is important for the average person with a garage to learn to distinguish between a minor problem they’re able to solve and one that requires professional assistance. Look at the following.

Garage Door Remote Control

Perhaps, this has happened to you. You take your garage door remote and aim it at the door, but nothing happens. Obviously, the signal that you are sending to the receiver is not working and the garage door is not opening. Generally, this is a very easy fix and does not require a garage repair professional. Simply remove the old batteries in the remote and replace them with fresh batteries and try the remote again. If this does not solve your problem, contact a professional to troubleshoot.

Garage Door Does Not Open

You are sure that your remote control and all transmitters are working. However, the garage door does not go up or down. This might be due to broken tension springs in the garage door. Today, the newer model garage doorsmight have two tension springs. However, if one of the tension springs fails, the door will stop operating properly. Do not attempt to repair the damaged tension springs. Instead, contact a professional garage door repair service for repairs.

Weird Noises

If you try to open the garage door, but only hear a weird grinding noise, the drive shift might require repair or replacement. Replacing the drive gear is just a bit more complicated repair and requires the services of a trained and experienced garage door repair service. Of course, there are the DIY types that like to perform their own repairs. Attempt this only, if you have the right tools and replacement kit available.

Garage Door Does Not Close Completely

Does your garage door open but fails to close properly. This might be due to a problem with the close limit switch. This close limit switch communicates with the garage door motor and tells it to stop operating, while it is opening and closing. If the close limit switch is not set properly, the door will continue to malfunction. Call in the professionals to trouble shoot this problem.

Garage Door Does Not Open Completely

You might become frustrated if your garage door begins to open and stops in the middle of the operation. This might signal a problem with the up switch. Generally, this problem occurs with a new garage door. Once again contact the professionals for immediate repair or to troubleshoot the problem.

These ideas are provided to help you to begin to troubleshoot problems with your garage doors. The fact is that garage doors will cause problems over time. Included here are tips to diagnose simple problems and determine if you need garage door repairs.