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The Benefits of Staining Your Deck

Choosing to cover your deck with a stain is a wonderful way to keep it protected from the elements. Some people choose to paint the wood of their deck, but this practice obscures the natural beauty of the wood. The stain enhances the look of the texture and grain of the wood. The beauty of your deck should be visible, and this is possible with a good stain. Not only will wood stains look good, it will help to protect your deck and keep it from getting damaged by water and the sun.

Plenty to Choose From

There are many different types of wood stain out there. You can find just about any color that you would like that will match your deck. If you would prefer a lot of color, you can go with one of the darker stains. If you want to be able to see the wood grains better, you should go with a semi-transparent option. Always test a small portion of your deck with the stain to make sure that it is the right kind of stain for your deck. You do not want to paint your entire deck, just to find out that you do not like the stain. Once on, it would be extremely difficult to remove the stain. Go through several samples before you decide on the final stain for your deck. Once you pick the color that you want, you will want to consider the size of your deck and purchase the appropriate amount of stain along with brushes.

Getting Started

To get started on your deck, you will need to pick a day where it is warm and sunny. If you pick a day where it is cold, the stain might not set as well and will have trouble drying. Make sure that there is no rain in the forecast for a couple of days as if it rains, your deck stain will be ruined, and you will have to do it again. You do not want to deal with any water droplets in your stain. Once you have picked a day, you will want to make sure that you have foam brushes. Foam brushes make staining a breeze and you will not have to deal with any unsightly brush strokes. You will want to start at the end of your deck and work your way out. Remember to use smooth strokes with your brush and remove any drops. The goal is to make the stain look as smooth as possible. Remember to put the stain on thin so that you can see the wood grains, but thick enough to protect the wood. You may want to wear a mask or respirator if the smell of the stain bothers you. You will need to block the entrance way to your deck so that no one or animals will get on your deck. After staining, it is best that no one gets on the deck for at least 24 hours.

Take your time and choose the right stain for your deck. Staining your deck can add character to your home and make your property worth more. Once you have chosen your stain, take your time and put it on properly and your deck will last for many years to come.