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The Benefits of Having Your Dryer Vent Cleaned


One of the hardest working appliances in the home is the clothes dryer. Dryers make our lives easier and save us time. These are just a few of the reasons why everyone should take good care of their dryer. Today we are going to learn the benefits of dryer vent cleanout and how this service can help protect your investment.

It Can Prevent House Fires

One of the most common causes of house fires are dryers that have clogged vents. Over time dryer lent builds up inside the duct causing it to become a fire hazard. This can cause serious damage to your home and even put your family at risk of death. Simply having your dryer vent cleaned out a few times a year can prevent house fires.

It Will Save You Time

One of the first warning signs that your dryer vent is dirty, is the time it takes to dry your clothes. If you notice that it is taking more time than usual for your dryer to finish it’s cycle, you should consider having your duct line cleaned out. This will save you a lot of time and below you will learn how it can make your dryer last longer.

You Will Prolong the Life of Your Dryer

A dirty dryer vent can not only cause a house fire, but it can also be the source of dryer break downs. When your vent is not working properly it will cause your dryer to work harder, building up excessive heat. Over time, this extra heat can cause the elements inside of your dryer to become weak and they may break. When this happens, you will have to either replace your dryer with a new one or pay for a costly repair.

It Will Save On Energy Costs

You have already learned above that having a dirty dryer vent can cause your machine to work harder and even break down. But it is also costing you more money to run your dryer when it has not been properly serviced. The cost of having your vent cleaned out will pay for itself by saving you a ton of money on your electric bill. What’s not to love about that?

It Will Help Control Mold

Mold is a big issue that many homeowners face. Normally when we think of mold we think of the bathroom or kitchen areas. But mold can also grow inside of your dryer vent. To ensure that your vent is mold free, a simple cleanout can be done. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from harmful mold.

As you can see having your dryer vent professionally cleaned a few times a year can save you a lot of time and money. It will keep your family safe and help to prolong the life of your dryer. So, if you have not had your dryer vent cleaned this year, you just might want to make a phone call and have your machine serviced.